Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Outfit #75: SDCC

Dress: H&M (similar) // Shoes: eBay (Similar) // Socks: Drugstore (Similar) // Crystal Necklace: H&M (Similar)

*peeks cautiously from behind bushes* Oh... h-hello there! It's me, Molly! Y'know, the Geeky Peacock! I hope you haven't forgotten about me, because I haven't forgotten about you! I just got really, really busy with that whole "moving to LA" thing, and then the whole "making new friends" thing, and then "San Diego Comic-con" and "Gen-con" things... basically, it's been a whole lot of madness! But I'm still here, I'm still alive, and blogging is going to begin again now that I feel more settled in my new city!

These are the only OOTDs I took at San Diego Comic-con. Why? I truly have no idea, I had some cute outfits. I think I was just drinking way too much vodka to function on a normal level.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Outfit #74: Kawaii or Die

Dress: Thrifted (Similar) // Jacket: Love Culture (Similar) // Sunglasses: Nasty Gal (Similar) // Boots: Forever 21 (Buy here) // Hoop Earrings: Thrifted (Similar) // "Kawaii" Necklace: Super Orange - Get 10% off with the code "geekypeacock"! // Purse: Just Fab (Similar)

I've been so bad at posting backlogged outfit pics! First I had Emerald City Comic-con and now I've been working on moving to Los Angeles in May! Which means I've been selling EVERYTHING I own and madly applying for jobs. It's all happening so quickly and it's so exciting!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Outfit #73: My Wave

Dress: Forever 21 (Similar) // Jacket: Forever 21 (Similar) // Plaid Shirt: Thrifted (Similar) // Shoes: Coltranes by Jeffrey Campbell (Buy Here) // Beanie: eBay (Similar) // Skull Necklace: eBay (Similar) // Rings: Nasty Gal (Similar) // Purse: H&M (Similar)

Now that I quit my day job (oh thank goodness - but that's a story for another time) I finally have time to go through all of my back logged outfits! If you follow me on Instagram you'll know I dyed my hair purple, so only a few more outfit posts with red hair!

These are from my trip to Portland with Steve a few weeks ago. He was hosting a burlesque show and we just needed to get away from Seattle for a bit. It was brief but super fun! Obviously the best part of visiting Portland is ALWAYS what's in the pink box...

Monday, March 3, 2014

Outfit #72: Florals and Knee Highs

Dress: Thrifted (Similar) // Socks c/o Sock Dreams // Shoes: Litas by Jeffrey Campbell (Buy here) // Jacket: Love Culture (Similar) // Unicorn Horn Necklace c/o Orchid and Reptile // Pentagram Earrings: eBay (Similar)

There's just something about babydoll dresses and chunky thigh high socks. It's the best part of 90s fashion and I will never stop wearing it!

I have lots of stuff to talk about - like my birthday party and doing pin up modeling this weekend! - but it will wait for more specific blog posts. For now, I leave you with this outfit. My birthday is tomorrow - I'm going to be 25!! AHHH!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Modcloth Polyvore Outfit Challenge!

Modcloth Lead by Example Challenge!

One of my all time favorite clothing websites - Modcloth - approached me last week and asked me if I would be interested in creating a Polyvore outfit featuring their products. Of course I'm interested, I love their entire product catalog!

While I own very few things from Modcloth because I have a hard time justifying a lot of their dress prices (someday, when I'm not horribly broke!), I still salivate wildly over their dresses almost every day. Their cuts and prints are all so cute and flattering and they are massively geek friendly, which is awesome.

Today I was challenged to style the Lead by Example dress, a cute dark blue number with a really cute neckline and great sheath skirt (gathered in all the right places to be flattering!). Unfortunately with my pear shape I don't think this dress would work on me, but it's so cute nonetheless!

The easy way to go with this dress would be to dress it up for a classy night out or for the 9 to 5, but as you guys know I don't LIKE to take the easy way out! I styled this dress for date night - with friends or your boyfriend - with a cute kitty inspired twist. Because who DOESN'T love cats?!

Would you guys wear this outfit?
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